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OS Win 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003
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This advanced molecular modeling program is the result of over 20 years of development at a major chemical company. Developed first for main-frame computers, it now is available for Windows. Molecular Modeling Pro has most of the advanced features available in expensive PC-based molecular modeling programs and more! Molecules are easily constructed with your mouse and pull-down menus. The program can display molecules as wire frame, ball and stick, spheres and dot surface models. Up to 2,500 atoms and 10 molecules can be displayed on the screen at a time and minimized using the MOLY minimizer. Over 70 physical properties can be calculated instantaneously including molecular weight, volume, length, width, surface area, density, dipole moment, Hansens 3-D solubility parameters, HLB, boiling point, vapor pressure, Log P and connectivity indices. With Molecular Modeling Pro you can perform stoichiometry on reactions, balance equations, and draw reaction mixtures with arrows and conditions. The graphics in Molecular Modeling Pro are impressive! Molecules can be rotated at any angle via the X, Y, or Z axes. You can view the structure in perspective, change colors, view in 2D or 3D, and create animated computer presentations. Databases of structures and calculated physical properties can be created for analysis by Molecular Analysis Pro. Databases can be generated automatically from substructures or from all structure files in a directory. The source code is included for viewing molecule files. Molecular Modeling Pro is easy to use and includes an electronic tutorial and complete on-line help.

The Molecular Modeling Pro program is:

  • a 3-D chemical structure drawing program
  • a physical property estimation program (check out this page for the details)
  • a chemical data base creation program (used with the companion Molecular Analysis Pro program)
  • a molecular graphics modeling tool
  • a reaction/mixture editor
  • a computer slide show maker
  • a batch structure printing program
  • an unsophisticated structural/reaction searching program
  • a program capable of converting connection table formats between MOLfiles and MACROMODEL files

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