Molecular modelling,drawing, molecular mechanics, Semi-empirical calculations, structure display
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  Chemistry 4-D Draw Standard & Pro

Molecular modelling, drawing, molecular mechanics, Semi-empirical calculations, structure display
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OS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP
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Chemistry 4-D Draw Standard

This next-generation chemistry program combines the most advanced technologies in structure drawing with a proprietary module, NamExpert, that understands IUPAC nomenclature rules. The program allows you to create high-quality structures simply by entering molecular names. It includes a full set of tools for drawing, text and structure editing, and labeling. Features include interactive 3-D rotation, syntax checking, hot-key labeling, multi-step undo, and creating structure templates with user-defined trivial names.


  • NamExpert instantly creates structures from IUPAC
  • Three styles of structures: Kekulé, shorthand, semi-structural
  • Create reactions, mechanisms, flow-charts, and more
  • Easy-to-use drawing tools
  • Interactive 3-D molecular rotation
  • Export pictures using OLE-2 technologies (instantly editable)
  • Drag & drop to export
  • Full colors
  • Supports MDL MOL files
  • Supports Metafile, bitmap, PICT graphics files
  • Internet-ready: send and receive fully editable and color pictures via regular e-mail
  • Publication quality output

Chemistry 4-D Draw Professional
Includes all of the features of Chemistry 4-D Draw Standard (above) plus the following:
  • Nomenclator instantly assigns IUPAC names to structures
  • Data can be exchanged with other drawing programs and molecular modeling programs by importing and exporting MDL Mol files
  • High quality pictures can be exported to DOS programs via Placeable Metafiles
  • A Mass Calculator is included for calculating Molecular Formulas, Total Mass, Number of Atoms, Weight of each Element, and Percentage Weight of each Element.
  • Pictures can be exported in from the Windows version of Chemistry 4-D Draw Pro to your favorite word processing program by dragging and dropping.

Molecular modelling, drawing, molecular mechanics, Semi-empirical calculations, structure display

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