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HSC Chemistry 7.1 models multiple reaction sequencies
HSC Chemistry 7.1 is not only a process flowsheet simulation software program but it also contains 22 other useful calculation modules and 12 databases with an extensive number of thermochemical, heat transfer and mineralogical data on the same CD. HSC 7 has several new features, for example: New Aqueous Solution Property Estimator This module estimates non-ideal electrolyte solution properties like activity coefficients and enthalpies. Updated H, S and Cp Database More than 4000 new species were added and data of 4700 species were updated. The total number of species is now more than 25000.

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Itemtracker - Freezer / Cryogen sample tracking system
ItemTracker is a highly configurable, all-inclusive and easy to use sample management solution designed for all, from small laboratories all the way up to high throughput sites. With Itemtracker, you can easily manage very large numbers of samples as it runs on MS SQL server for scalability. Fully CFR 21 part 11 compliant, network ready, Full 1D & 2D barcoding, advanced security, auditing and sample history.

Pipettes – the main volumetric instruments in a laboratory – lie at the core of any laboratory quality management.Check&Track is pipette calibration software that supports your laboratory with the following tasks, in order to satisfy regulatory requirements:

  • Determine the accuracy and precision of your pipettes
  • Generate pipette check reports
  • Archive all pipette check data in a non-modifiable way for traceability
  • Save time and avoid errors by electronically collecting balance and environment sensor values.



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